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The Internet is one of the important trends in the currentindustrial field, which refers to the organic combination of industrialmanufacturing and the flow of information and logistics through Internettechnology to achieve automation, intelligence, efficiency, and greenmanufacturing processes. As a professional AIoT module distributor for manyyears, SCHMIDT IoT Technology Co., Ltd provides customers with professionalpre-sales and after-sales technical support services. Customers can inquireabout product information, technical problems, and troubleshooting through thewebsite, email, and phone. Our technical support team will respond promptlywith solutions.
At the same time, in the era of the Internet, we have alsostrengthened interaction and communication with customers. The company hasestablished its own brand image on social media platforms and maintained closecontact with customers by sharing product application cases, technicalarticles, and other content, as well as responding promptly to customerfeedback and issues.
SCHMIDT IoT Technology Co., Ltd provides customers with morecomprehensive, convenient, and efficient services in the era of the Internet.We will continue to strengthen technological innovation and customer care,improve service quality, and provide customers with better product and serviceexperiences to ensure stable operation of their network construction and usage,and to enhance their production efficiency and competitiveness.

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Telit-Cinterion is an international enterprise dedicated to providing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. 
They offer IoT products and solutions including cellular and wireless modules, IoT connectivity, remote 
monitoring, and cloud-based platforms. These solutions enable the connection and management of devices, 
data collection and analysis, and application across various industries such as manufacturing, 
transportation, healthcare, agriculture, and smart cities.

Digi is a global leading internationalenterprise in IoT connectivity products and services,
providing diverse IoTsolutions including RF modules, XBee, ConnectCore, and IoT connectivityservices. 
These solutions are widely utilized in various industries such astransportation, smart cities, healthcare, 
industrial automation, agriculture,and retail for data collection and device management.

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